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Thunderbird (Windows, Linux and more)

You’ll need these plugins installed:

  1. The Lightning calendar
  2. TBSync and
  3. The TBSync provider for CalDAV and CardDAV

When they are installed, if you are on Windows, go to Extras/Synchronisation settings (TBSync) or Edit/Synchronisation settings (TBSync) if on Linux

  1. In the account manager choose “Add account / CalDAV / CardDAV account
  2. In the next window, go with the default called Automatic configuration and click next
  3. Enter an an account name, which you can freely choose. Also enter the following details:
    1. Username: Your Proxcloud username or email
    2. PasswordYour generated App-password/token
    3. Server Addresscloud.proxcloud.nl
  4. Press next.
  5. In the next window, TBSync should have autodiscovered the CalDAV and CardDAV addresses. When it has, click Finish.
  6. Now check the box Enable and synchronize this account. TBSync will discover all address books and calenders your account has access to on the server
  7. Check the box next to each calender and address book you want to have synchronised, also set how often you want them to be synchronised and push the button sychronise now
  8. After the first successful synchronisation is complete, you can close the window. Henceforth, TBSync will do the work for you. You are done and can skip the next sections (unless you need a more advanced address book)

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