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Installation Manual

Use this manual only if you have not previously installed our module in your WHMCS installation.
Please follow the instructions here if you want to upgrade from a previous version.

PHP Files

located in: php directory

  • affiliate.php copy and paste this file into the root WHMCS directory.
    • Now edit the affiliate.php file at around line 16. Change the allowed domains, remove them if necessary or add them. Please make sure every domain is surrounded with quotation marks and ends with a comma ("domain.com",). You do not have to add a protocol (like https:// or http://) and neither the www and non-www domain (one is enough).
    • Please also set the $redirectTo variable. The value you enter here will be used as the redirect page if an invalid domain name is provided by the Affiliate. Make sure it is surrounded with quotation marks!
    • Save the file and make sure it is uploaded. You can contact us if you require assistance updating the file or if you experience problems with the redirections.
  • urlgenerator.php copy and paste this file into the root WHMCS directory.

Language Files

located in: lang directory

  • If you have never used/created language overrides before:
    • Create a folder overrides in the folder lang. You can find the lang folder in the root WHMCS directory.
    • Copy and paste all the required language files (dutch.php, english.php, french.php and german.php to the overrides directory.
    • That should be it! If you need assistance contact us (contact@proxeuse.nl) or check the WHMCS documentation
  • If you have used language overrides before:
    • Navigate to the overrides directory in thelang directory.
    • Open the desired language file (eg. english.php) in the overrides directory and paste the contents (without the opening <?php) to the end of the file.
    • Repeat this step for all language files.
    • That should be it! If you need assistance contact us (contact@proxeuse.nl) or check the WHMCS documentation


Nederlands is de officiële taal van deze module.


Dutch is the original/official language of this module. The module has been well translated into English.


Niederländisch ist die Original- / Amtssprache dieses Moduls. Das Modul wurde mit automatischen Übersetzungen ins Deutsche übersetzt.


Le néerlandais est la langue originale / officielle de ce module. Le module a été traduit en français à l’aide de traductions automatiques.

Template Files

located in: templates directory

  • Check the theme that your WHMCS installation uses via the admin side (Setup -> General Settings -> Template).
  • Navigate to the corresponding folder (WHMCS Root -> Templates ->" Your WHMCS Template ").
  • Copy and paste the urlgenerator.tpl file from the installation archive to this folder.
  • You can either copy and paste (thus override) the affiliate.tlp file or you can integrate the module using the information below. Please note we can only provide support if you overwrite affiliates.tpl.
  • You are ready, when visiting the Affiliate or URL Generator page you should see the template has been updated. If not, please follow the Troubleshoot Guide below.

Update, Add or Delete Domain Names from the form

  • Open the urlgenerator.tplfile so you can edit it.
  • Locate row 40 (<div class="form-check">) and replace proxeuse.com with your own domain inside the div (ends at row 45).
  • You can do this with the divs starting at rows 46, 52 and 58. You can also copy or delete one of these fields.
  • Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

Important Notes

You can use these templates to replace the original ones. We recommend using the urlgenerator.tpl which is included as it does not overwrite default WHMCS templates. You can also use the affiliates.tpl template included in this file or edit the template yourself. The link to the new page is yourwhmcsdomain.com/urlgenerator.php. You can enter this in an a tag in WHMCS using the following variable:

That will looks like this in an a tag:
<a href="{$systemurl}/urlgenerator.php">URL Generator</a>

PAY ATTENTION! When updating WHMCS, the affiliate.tpl file will be overwritten by the WHMCS update file unless you have set a non-default theme. Please pay attention to this. As soon as necessary we will release an update that also works with the latest version of WHMCS.


I have updated the template files but I can’t see the new template applied.
The most common reason is that there is still a cache of the previous template stored on the server or your computer. Please follow the following guide:

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area
  2. Navigate to Utilities > System > System Cleanup
  3. Click the button marked Go next in the Empty Template Cache section.
  4. Clear the cache in your browser or open an incognito/private browser window. To clear your cache you can follow this guide.
  5. You should be able to see the changes. If not please contact us.


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