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Update Manual

v1.0 -> v1.1

It is important that you update to this version as soon as possible!

  1. Copy the affiliate.php file from the php directory in the ZIP file to the root WHMCS directory on the server.
  2. Now edit the affiliate.php file at around line 16. Change the allowed domains, remove them if necessary or add them. Please make sure every domain is surrounded with quotation marks and ends with a comma ("domain.com",). You do not have to add a protocol (like https:// or http://) and neither the www and non-www domain (one is enough).
  3. Please also set the $redirectTo variable. The value you enter here will be used as the redirect page if an invalid domain name is provided by the Affiliate. Make sure it is surrounded with quotation marks!
  4. Save the file and make sure it is uploaded. Please test the new redirections. You can contact us if you require assistance updating the module or if you experience problems with the new version.

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