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Configurable Options and Custom Fields

Configurable Options and Custom Fields are available since version v1.2.


Since version 1.2, the way the Quota is passed to the Nextcloud API has changed. You can now set the quota with configurable options if you require so, the original way will continue to work if the configurable option is not set.

If you want to use the configurable option you will need to setup this configurable option using the WHMCS documentation. The configurable option should either be named GB or extraGB. You may use Friendly Names. The module can only process Quantity at the moment but we may add other field types in future releases.

As you can tell from the names, GB means a complete override of the set quota in the module settings while extraGB only adds to the set quota.


You can allow clients to set their own username by setting up a custom field. The field should be named username but can be renamed with the help of Friendly Names. To prevent the auto provisioning to fail we strongly advice you to use the Username Validation hook. We recommend setting the Validation field to the following settings: /^[a-z\d_]{4,28}$/i. It requires a username between 4 and 28 characters in length, allowing only alphanumeric characters and underscores.


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