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General Status Codes:

  • 100 – successful
  • 101 – invalid input data
  • 102 – username already exists
  • 103 – unknown error occurred whilst adding the user
  • 104 – group does not exist
  • 105 – insufficient privileges for group
  • 106 – no group specified (required for subadmins)
  • 107 – all errors that contain a hint – for example “Password is among the 1,000,000 most common ones. Please make it unique.”
  • 108 – password and email empty. Must set password or an email
  • 109 – invitation email cannot be send

Change Username, Password or Package Status Codes:

  • 100 – successful
  • 101 – user not found
  • 102 – invalid input data

Suspend, Unsuspend or Terminate Status Codes:

  • 100 – successful
  • 101 – failure

status: failure statuscode: 104 message: group *** does not exist

This error code means that the group configured in the Product settings is not correct. It doesn’t exist on the Nextcloud server or it you have entered it wrong. Please be aware: the groups field on the product configuration page is case sensitive.

I got the following error message when trying to upgrade/downgrade the package of one of my customers: Error: 997 Array

The error message most likely means that the user does not exist or is recognized. Make sure the username in WHMCS matches the username in Nextcloud and make sure the user is not disabled. There used to be a bug in V1.0, please update to the newest version.

I am getting this error: Error: 997 Current user is not logged in

This error means that WHMCS has been unable to authenticate with the Nextcloud API. Check whether the username and App Password have been entered correctly. Please contact us if you continue to receive this error message.

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