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v1.2.2 | 28/05/2020 | STABLE

Added the possibility to assign users to a specific group / groups. Requires nextcloud.php and /lib/proxcurl/proxcurl.php to be updated. You can set the group in the Product Module settings (Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services -> PRODUCT -> Module Settings ->Group). It currently only works with provisioning but we will add support for upgrade/downgrade in the near future.

v1.2.1 | 22/05/2020

Small bug fix in nextcloud.php, provisioning now also works when username field is empty. Change on line 89.

v1.2 | 20/05/2020

Removed redundant functions, added support for configurable options and custom fields and added usage statistics.

  • Remove: Test Connection functions. Since this module doesn’t require an active server the server connection test is redundant and will be removed in this release.
  • Added the option to allow Configurable Options and Custom Fields for custom quota’s and custom usernames. Refer to this article.
  • Added usage statistics for admins and clients. Currently very simple stats like Total Quota, Free Quota and Used Quota.
  • Hidden the Password Reset button in frontend-WHMCS by default. Can be shown by deleting the lines 20 – 33 from hooks.php
  • Improved and added template support for the new functions. We recommend a full overwrite.
  • Added extra response decoder for the Quota statistics to work.

v1.1 – 07/05/2020

Small bug fixes, improved way of error reporting and extra translations

  • The way in which error messages are compiled has changed. In version 1.0 the expected error message had to be entered manually. Since version 1.1, the error code is composed of all values that are sent in response.
  • Added French and German translations for the Email template. May not be 100% accurate.
  • Added Dutch translation for the Email template. Dutch is the original language and therefore 99% + accurate.
  • The way the code in the module was explained has been improved. It is now easier to make changes.
  • Added and updated articles in the online documentation.
  • Removed: logo.png and what-to-add.php from the root directory and readme.md from the lib directory

v1.0 – 04/05/2020

Initial release

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